What They’re Saying…

“Finally!  A hard-hitting Q&A on predators and child molesters.

Sax’s book is a must read for anyone concerned about the safety and well being of America’s children.  As a former felony prosecutor of crimes on children, this is Crime & Prevention 101…”

  – Nancy Grace, host of CNN Headline News’ Nancy Grace co-author of Objection! — How High-Priced Defense Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants, and a 24/7 Media Have Hijacked Our Criminal Justice System

“Robin Sax is both a veteran criminal prosecutor and at the same time one of Los Angeles County’s most experienced advocates on behalf of children.

Her vast knowledge of child development coupled with her everyday common sense experience makes her the ideal voice on parenting and child rearing.”

– Mark Geragos, Esq. Attorney




As an author and on her books:

“Predators and Child Molesters” is an outstanding practical guide to safety. Owning and reading this book is like having a guardian angel give directions, guiding parents from the State of Being Controlled to the State of Being in Control. Sex Crimes Prosecutor and Parent Robin Sax speaks from experience. Her voice is loud and clear. Listen up!
– Susan Murphy Milano, Violence Expert Author of “Defending Our Lives” and Moving Out Moving On
“Predators and Child Molesters: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe” reflects noted sex crimes professional Robin Sax’s tireless efforts to assist victims and their parents understand and cope with the personal, social, and legal impact of child sexual abuse. With a keen eye toward prevention, deputy district attorney Sax skillfully guides parents along the dark path of sex crimes against children from perpetration to prosecution. Along the way she offers families help for healing and recovery. Packed with carefully constructed questions and compelling answers about sexual abuse, “Predators and Child Molesters: What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Kids Safe”, is a must-read for all parents, as well as every other person who has responsibility for the care and safety of children.
– Larry A. Morris, Ph.D., Clinical and forensic psychologist coauthor of Males at Risk: The Other Side of Child Sexual Abuse author of The Male Heterosexual: Lust in Loins, Sin in His Soul, and Dangerous Women: Why Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters Become Stalkers, Molesters, and Murderers
Robin Sax shares her expertise from years as a sex crimes prosecutor, helping parents understand how pedophiles operate and what they can do to make sure their children don’t fall victim to them.
– Pat Brown Criminal Profiler
Before the unspeakable happens to your child you need to read this book. If the unspeakable has already happened YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK! Drawing upon her vast experience as a child sex crimes prosecutor in Los Angeles Robin Sax delivers an insightful, detailed and most important book. Sax takes the reader inside the cunning and charming mindset of a sexual predator to reveal just how they manage to get past vigilant parents to their true prey – the children. Further, Sax takes us by the hand and helps us see how to heal from the trauma of child sexual abuse. Every question you might want to ask is answered within the pages of “Predators and Child Molesters”. Your child needs you to read this book.
– Diane Dimond, investigative journalist/columnist author of “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson* Case.” Simon and Schuster/Atria Books
“Predators and Child Molesters” answers everything you wanted to ask and tells everything you need to know to prevent your worst nightmare and possible lifelong torment for your child. Sax writes in an easy to read format providing practical answers for keeping youngsters safe. This is a must read for every parent or anyone who cares for kids.
– Mark Goulston Huffington Post
If you’re a new prosecutor, rookie police officer or parent here is your Bible for defense against child predators. We want to tell our children monsters aren’t real but they are. They walk among us everyday in disguise. Thanks to Robin Sax we know how to fight them – and win!
– Sheryl McCollum, MS Director, Cold Case Investigative Research Institute
“Predators and Child Molesters” exposes the tactics of those who would harm children and empowers parents to protect their families from a truly menacing threat. This is a must read.
– Anthony Pacheco President of the Board of Police Commissioners, LAPD*
*For identification purposes only
Insightful and practical. . .Robin Sax has written a book that’s easy to understand and easy to apply to real life. It’s obvious that Robin knows first hand the dangers that our families are up against. It’s a must read for any parent who wants to take control over the safety of his’/her child.
– Rabbi Jonathan Aaron Educator
“Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned In Court” provides an accurate and effective application of legal advocacy techniques to the task of child rearing. The authors, two experienced prosecutors and parents, illuminate the nuances of child-rearing through a remarkably hands on, practical, and straightforward approach. This guidebook not only can be used with children but is a valuable read for anyone who seeks practical and sensible answers to everyday questions and conflicts that arise in families every day. A must read!”
– Mark Vincent Kaplan, Esq. Counsel to Kevin Federline
“Robin Sax is at the top of her game. A strikingly upfront view into the world of one the most high-profiled District Attorney’s office in the country, Sax in “It Happens Every Day” gives a disturbing account of the sexual predator, and the means used to stop him. It’s what the public doesn’t see behind closed doors–very compelling!”
– Stacy Dittrich Former Sex Crime Detective, and author of “The Devil’s Closet”
“Every parent will find “Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned In Court” to be a witty, brutally honest, and a refreshing view of raising children. My two children were born and raised during my 32 years in the District Attorney’s office. This book is an accurate and engaging description of how prosecutors think and the remarkable application of that thought process to the most important of lifes’ tasks– raising children.”
– Gil Garcetti Los Angeles County District Attorney, 1992-2000
“Robin Sax has distinguished herself as a prosecutor and a parenting expert in “Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned In Court”. In a well thought out, methodical approach, Robin captured the intellectual energy and passion of a courtroom and provided a fascinating and innovative approach to parenting through the eyes of a talented courtroom advocate.”
– Dean Hargrove Writer-Producer “Perry Mason”, “Matlock”, and “My Three Sons”
“Robin Sax is a wonderful parent and a top notch prosecutor. By applying her prosecutorial experiences and talents to the realm of child rearing, she is able to create an insightful approach that all parents can apply with success. You don’t have to be a lawyer to be able to use her suggestions to better teach, cajole, discipline, and encourage children and to create a wonderful family environment.”
– Mark Goulston, M.D. best selling author one of America’s Top Psychiatrists, 2004-2005, Consumers Research Council of America
“Robin Sax presents an arsenal of innovative parenting strategies that simplify everyday dilemmas. “Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned In Court” arms parents with tactics to educate and guide their children. It introduces courtroom reason and logic and applies them to situations from preschool to high school.”
– Detective Esther Reyes Los Angeles Police Department, Abused Child Unit
“As a former prosecutor, I always joke with my children that they’ll go to “baby jail” if they don’t behave. In Robin’s new book, infant incarceration takes a back seat to a near endless supply of much better ideas. This is a must read for all parents and parents-to-be looking to bring a little law and order to family life!”
– Wendy J. Murphy Author, And Justice For Some Legal News Analyst, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, Professor of Law
“Robin Sax’s gift to the criminal justice system is helping victims–especially children–articulate the unspeakable. Sex crimes happen every day, but advocates like Robin are far from common.”
– Vanessa Leggett True Crime Author commenting on “It Happens Every Day”
From the perspective of an accomplished criminal prosecutor, a child abuse specialist, and parent herself Ms. Sax provides practical tips to raising children with her unique approach to parenting. She encourages parents to utilize the creative courtroom advocacy skills that are used in the criminal justice system everyday.
– Stacy D. Phillips, Esq. Author, Divorce, It’s All About Control: How to Win the Emotional, Psychological And Legal Wars
“There’s order in the court. Now there can be order in the home. Robin Sax offers very helpful solutions to the vexing daily problems that come with raising children. And as a bonus, they give you a lot of information about the legal system, too.”
– Charlie Hauck Writer-Producer “Frasier” and “Home Improvement.” Father of four
“Compelling reading, “Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned In Court” should be devoured by every parent who is concerned for their children. Prosecutor, activist, advocate, and (most importantly) a mother, Robin Sax writes from bleak experience and deep compassion — buy it, read it, now!”
– Detective III Paul Bishop OIC Operations-West Bureau –Sexual Assault Detail, LAPD
“In the court room legal expert Robin Sax persuades a jury to see things her way. Now in print district attorney Sax shares her insight on raising children with colorful wit and wisdom. These pages outline lessons learned from Sax’s years before some of the toughest judges in California . “Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned In Court” is a great resource for new parents, grandparents or anyone who appreciates a keen eye for what’s important for today’s American family.”
– Tomm Taylor Media Consultant X17.com
“Robin Sax’s concept in Everything I Know About Parenting I Learned in Court is a clever approach to parenting that combines her courtroom and parenting expertise that not only makes me laugh, but makes me hopeful I might learn a few tips to take some of the stress out of parenting. As an owner of a children’s yoga studio, author, and parenting expert myself I find that any parenting approach that is relatable to caregivers in ways other than straight parenting advice is a must read. This book captures the reader’s desire for information while providing real life entertainment.”
– Ayn Carillo-Gailey Owner, Cool Baby Author Pornology and coolbabytips.com
“Thank you so much for your book Robin! I’ve been reading parts and can see that it has a wealth of information that can prove very helpful. I appreciate your advice and support through my reporting process. I was worried about it getting lost — but was assured there is an electronic copy so it’s unlikely. I hope something comes of this. I’ll let you know when I hear more. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!”
– B name kept anonymous for privacy
“Any advocate, expert, and concerned citizen should read the book It Happens Every Day by Robin Sax to help protect children and raise awareness!”
– Lynn C. Tolson Author of Beyond The Tears
“I’m reading a really great book called “It Happens Every Day” by Robin Sax. It’s an inside look from a DA’s point to view who specializes on sex crimes against children. I HIGHLY recommend this book it gives great tips on how to talk to victims of sex crimes, as well as not so obvious signs to watch for in people who interact with your children.”
– Cailey Bronny

As a legal analyst, lawyer, parenting authority:

“A no nonsense gal with law and order as her first priority, that desire with her goal to protect our children makes her my number one DA. Bad guys beware..”
– Dana Pretzer, Host Scared Monkeys Radio
“If you care about the safety of our children, Robin Sax belongs on your personal list of heroes. Everyday, she goes to work undermining the predators that prey on our kids and rob them of their innocence. The world needs more amazing, dedicated women like Robin Sax.”
– Diane Fanning, True Crime Author, “Baby Be Mine” “Bite the Moon” “The Pastor’s Wife”
“Robin Sax is a legal comet. She accomplishes more in one hour than other lawyers accomplish in a week. She is a sought-after expert in all aspects of trial strategy. Her knowledge of child development coupled with her practical experience in interviewing children, earns her much respect in and out of the courtroom.”
– Mary Hanlon Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County
“Robin Sax is the one stop shop for protecting children. From the vantage point of a seasoned prosecutor, she educates parents, teaches internet safety, and is invaluable resource to parents, teachers, and the community. Robin provides real-life solutions for parents who seek a balanced, fair, and reasonable method to even the most perplexing parental woes.”
– Rabbi Jonathan Aaron Temple Emanuel, Head of School, Beverly Hills, California
“Robin Sax has been a terrific parent/partner in our school. She has mentored and instructed our faculty, staff and administration in the areas of child abuse, harassment and reporting requirements. Robin also has been a parent educator as well, bring her vast expertise to our parent education series. Her instruction has added to the professional development of every one in our school community and I believe she has much to offer in this new book.”
– Reveta Bowers Head of School, Center for Early Education, Los Angeles
“Robin Sax offers parents a unique perspective on discipline inspired by her many years of service as a county prosecutor. Robin teaches parents how to set appropriate limits for their children at the same time that they encourage their children to grow into the people they are capable of becoming. Robin provides hand on strategies to some of the more perplexing dilemmas of raising children.”
– Rabbi Laura Geller Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills, California

Reviews from Speeches, Classes, and Seminars:

“Thanks for giving such an valuable and informative kid safety presentation at Kehillat Israel on April 19. You have such a honest, humorous style that makes it such a pleasure to listen to you. We feel so honored that you could be there. I look forward to crossing paths with you again.”
– Lauren Fite
“Robin Sax is an inspiration. I admire her strength, driven personality and dedication in regards to being a voice for those who are unable or scared to speak for themselves! I work in the areas of bullying, teen dating violence, domestic violence, and women’s issues, and I appreciate and respect her knowledge in these areas and her willingness to keep her voice heard, helping to educate our society in areas of utmost importance! I am very honored to have met her and I look forward to following her blogs for my own educational knowledge and benefit. Robin is a women full of empowerment for everyone, and especially to someone like myself who works in the social work field, hoping to make a difference in people’s lives every day.”
– Carla Gonzalez MSW from the University of Oklahoma & Ms. Oklahoma United States 2010
“Just writing to say how much I enjoyed your Human Trafficking presentation at APSAC this year! Your website is great! We have already purchased your books for our agency. Thank you for all you do – your energy and boldness are very much appreciated Robin!”
– Lynn McMillan, MSW, LISW-CP, Forensic Evaluator
“Thank you Robin for speaking at the Jewish Federation Valley Alliance Women’s Department meeting yesterday. Really, you are AMAZING!!! Not only did we end wanting to hear more from you (the best kind of speaking engagement!!) but you also educated and elicited many important questions from the women — and of course the “group therapy” aspect was so compelling. In addition to your wealth and breadth of knowledge, you are warm and personable. Your willingness to share your personal stories makes listening to you so wonderful. On behalf of all the committee members and from me personally, thank you again!!!”
– Ellen, Jewish Federation Valley Alliance 2010 Women’s Department Campaign Chair
“In behalf of Children’s Bureau, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to be the speaker of our Third Leadership Event at the Magnolia Place Center. Your information was most interesting and valuable, and it allowed us to empower ourselves to take advantage of the tools that technology allow us, and be a part of the works our kids are inevitably living in. We hope we see more of you at Children’s Bureau, not only as a speaker but as a friend of the organization. Congratulations on all your success, and again thank you so much!”
– Sincerely, Ana Valdez, President and Co-Founder, Valdez Consulting Group, Inc.
“Our last R.A.P. meeting was honored to have Robin Sax join us for an intimate evening of humorous enlightenment and down-to-earth wisdom. Aside from being a former Deputy DA of LA, published author, television commentator, Director of Child/Family Protection and Education, she is also an instructor for the LA Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, UCLA, and Cal State LA. To have had her here at Calabasas was a special treat. Hopefully she can join us again next year.”
– Joey Levin, Health Clerk
“I was impressed with Robin’s material and her information. Everything met and exceeded my expectations. It was truly fantastic.“
– Prosecutor attendee at CDAA Domestic Violence & Stalking Symposium
“Thank you so much for coming to the Westside Waldorf School on May 25th to discuss issues of child safety. Our whole school community appreciated your generosity of time and your advocacy of children. Our parents appreciated the candor and passion with which you spoke and found your expertise an invaluable resource in parenting and protecting their children. Thank you again for coming!”
– From the Westside Waldorf School Community Coordinator
“Sax was able to the keep the class’ attention as well as provide great insight for the officers.” “Sax was a knowledgeable instructor. She has great real-life examples, scenarios, and cases. Every sex crime detective should take her class!!!” “Sax is very open-minded and honest lecturer. She was extremely informative and possibly the best class in all of the Major Assault Crimes course.”
– Major Assault Crimes Detective Attendees at MAC Investigations Course
“I enjoyed her class. She kept us awake and informed.” “Excellent, superb, poignant!” “Robin has great materials, great stories, and a great sense of humor too.” “Sax’s lecture was practical and relevant to working in the real world.”
– UCLA Paralegal Students
“Robin, I so appreciated hearing you speak last evening at the Women Speak event. Thank you for speaking with such authenticity and for sharing a bit of your journey to inspire us. As a school of psychology we have several programs helping children who have experienced sexual trauma and abuse. Thank you for being their voice and their advocate. If we can serve you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally.”
– Sarah Davis Senior Advancement Officer Graduate School of Education and Psychology at Pepperdine University
“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insights in such a dynamic fashion. We have received many positive e-mails about your presentation!”
– Linda Vitale Marlborough Parents Association
“Thank you all for your inspiring, eloquent and practical remarks yesterday! We all appreciated your taking the time to share your experience and wisdom with over 55 domestic violence and sexual assault advocates and providers. You really got everybody fired up!”
– Sally Schaeffer Family Violence Prevention Fund
“I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Robin for her speaking engagement. She drew such a large crowd ad was a phenomenal speaker, once again. It was such an honor to have her as our guest speaker!”
– Leah Kitz Jewish Federation Valley Alliance
“We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to your Robin for taking your time to participate in our Advocacy Program focusing on Sexual Predators. The feedback we received on your panel presentation was exceptionally positive. Our sincerest gratitude for your commitment and all that you do!“
– Ruth Williams Director of Advocacy at NCJW Los Angeles