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Robin Sax featured in article discussing the dangers of criminal liability with IT firms in a new age of data sharing. Notes on reaches of security, privacy and other important aspects related to the law and involved in deciding liability. (not linked)

Tips offered to keep children safe from abusers, abductors

'When children learn core safety values at a young age, it can then be adapted as they grow to take on new scenarios involving such things as the Internet.' (not linked)

Robin Honored in 2010 Calendar one of the outstanding women who have made a difference for women in politics. Click to open image in new window.

When is it OK for a child to walk to school alone?

"The paranoia and concerns about a child's safety should be balanced with the opportunity to give a child a feeling of independence," offers Robin Sax. (note: not linked)

Robin Sax featured in National Law Journal lead story - speaking on lie detector technologies. (note: not linked)


Robin's Helpful Tips Find Big Response Across Internet

A multitude of prominent news sources features Robin Sax and child safety concepts. Click individual icons to see their take on the story and Robin's commentary. These are just a few of the many which featured the story across the globe.

Robin Sax Tips To Keep Kids Safe

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