My Story

To understand me is to understand why I became a lawyer. There are countless reasons why people become lawyers. Some go to law school with noble intentions, others do it for more pragmatic reasons.

I went to law school because I have a big mouth.

Did I really say that? – Yes, I did.

For as long as I can remember, I challenged the people around me, especially my mom. If she said yes, I said no. If she said red, I said blue. I made arguing my hobby. If I felt passionate about something, I would never let go, until mom heard me out.

For many years the courtroom was my home.  Today, it’s the newsroom.   Every day I use the same skills I used as a prosecutor–thinking on my feet, answering off the cuff questions, keeping facts straight.  Except now, instead of prosecuting cases, I can bring an important perspective to the news.   That’s right, the news.

When news breaks it often involves the legal process. What happens in a courtroom can change our lives in an instant – from Supreme Court rulings on immigration and healthcare; to criminal rulings that leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. Why does a jury defy the logic of the evidence?

People are desperate to know what’s really going on.  That’s where I come in. When we hear about a child gone missing, or a student molested, I can tell viewers what’s happening – from the inside – because I’ve been there, working with police, finding clues, interviewing parents and witnesses to establish a case.

Now you don’t just have to hear the story, you can get the facts to make your own decisions. And that’s my real story. And one more thing: I am not scared to advocate for justice and fairness at every cost. I use the law outside the courtroom to shine a light on injustice. It’s all about bringing change to a very broken system.  I thought I was representing the Peoples interest as a prosecutor, but now I do it on a bigger stage, TV.

You may not always agree with me, but you can be sure you’ll hear from me.  I have a passion for what I do,  and I discuss the issues as if they were my own. My goal is justice, my style may make some people anxious, but the victims of those stories need the loudest voice on their side.  And who’s better at that then me? Remember, I’m the one with the big mouth.


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