Robin Sax has teamed up with top licensed private investigator Luis Bolaños of GET BIT Investigation to provide unparalleled investigations from a multi-disciplinary approach. As a team, Ms. Sax and Mr. Bolaños recreate the partnership that a prosecutor would have with her senior investigating officer in order to utilize the same tools that the government uses to solve crimes. Sax and Bolaños approach is one where they draw on their combined years of over 40 years of experience which has earned them national recognition of the highest reputation and credibility for both DEFENDING crimes and ADVOCATING for victims. Their combined areas of expertise, legal and law enforcement know how, years of training, hands on experience, and ethical passion allow cases to be solved and individual rights to be heard.

Types of Cases

  • Criminal and civil investigations
  • Wrongfully convicted/accused
  • Abuse allegations- elder abuse, child abuse, sexual assault
  • Workplace issues including employee misconduct and whistle-blower investigations
  • Crime scene and accident reconstruction
  • Infidelity/marital investigations
  • Child custody
  • Missing persons
  • Intervention and confrontation
  • Litigation support
  • Pro Per Defendants

Sax and Bolanos utilize a wide range of investigative tools including:

  • Surveillance
  • Background checks
  • Social media surveillance
  • Witness interviews
  • Polygraphs
  • Stings