Media Analyst:

Robin is a legal analyst regularly appearing on TV, on the radio, and in print. Her legal perspective is unmatched by other lawyers as she offers a therapeutic and mental health perspective to legal issues. Robin is known for her no-nonsense yet empathetic approach in taking complex issues and simplifying them for everyone to understand. Robin’s media connections are valuable tool to her clients for those cases or causes that need to be heard in the court of last resort— the media. Not all cases need to be heard by the public, but when no one else listens Robin makes sure her clients are heard.

Flood of Civil Cases Hampers Miramonte Investigation

The prosecutors “are watching a case unfold on television and they’re stuck with whatever is said in public” notes Robin Sax.

Keeping Children from Going Missing

‘A good test for your child, especially the younger ones: when you come home, ring the doorbell and wait to see if your child is going to wait for a grown-up before answering or coming to the door.’

When Terrible Things Happen to Children

‘Robin Sax, a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney (and a contributor to Motherlode) suggests that one ideal code is “I am at the ATM.”

Sentences in statutory rape convictions like Roman Polanski’s are now longer

“Thirty years ago, sexual assault — rape and sex crimes — were treated differently,” said Robin Sax, a former sex crimes prosecutor for the L.A. County district attorney’s office. “Time and education haven’t worked for Polanski’s benefit.”

Defense strategies could keep Polanski out of prison

“Still, getting a conviction without the victim is possible if prosecutors rely on incriminating statements Polanski made in interviews, to police and probation officers, and in his autobiography as well as other evidence,” said Robin Sax.

California Told To Reject Claim By Parents of Dead Teen

They say sex offender John Gardner III violated his parole at least five times after serving a sentence for molesting a girl in 2000…

How Prosecutors’ Unique Step Could Shape the Case

Preliminary hearings are a good way for prosecutors to assess how their witnesses will do…


This Is It: Opening Statements in Conrad Murray Trial Begin

So even in death, Jackson will have the spotlight — a fact that presents challenges for both sides.

Ronni Chasen Killer Confirmed?

So he kills her but doesn’t have time to grab her purse or anything of value from the scene?

Bio-Father Hysteria Versus Reality: A Child’s True Best Interest

Grayson must not be forgotten in the cracks of a broken adoption and child protection judicial system.

How Far Have We Come? Not Far Enough

Are we still are failing our children by choosing to disbelieve them, discredit them, and fail to honor them as the people…?

OJ Banking on Race Card, Again

Trial advocacy is what turned the OJ Simpson double murder case into one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in legal history.

We Gotta Start Talking About Sexual Assault

Whenever I tell people that I am a sex crimes prosecutor, people say, “Eeewww, how can you do that?”

What We Can Learn From The Tragic Murder of Lily Burk

Lily Burk’s death reminds us that we are not having the conversations we need to with our kids.

Did the Economist Do Sex Crime Victims Justice?

If anything should be explored about the state of the law relating to sex offenders, it’s the huge issue of a lack of prosecution, rather than too much of it!

People v. Ayres: Where’s the Justice?

Why are the prosecutor and the defense attorney in cahoots to keep a journalist from observing the Dr. William Ayres child molestation trial in Redwood City?

“The People” Have the Right to a Speedy Trial, Too!

When is justice coming for Elizabeth Smart and her family?

Human Trafficking: A Problem of Language?

The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that there are 200,000 U.S. citizens yearly, mainly children and young women, who are at high risk of being trafficked throughout the U.S for sexual purposes.

Did Megan Want a Killer Millionaire?

The two shows Jenkins appeared on as a contestant were Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3, both VH1reality TV shows. Both have now been canceled.

Los Angeles Crime: 2009 in Review

“I’d like to remind you specifically of 12 crime stories — one for every juror on a panel…”

A Prosecutor’s View: Sex Offender Registries in Light of Garrido

“…since children, as non-voters, do not have the ability to protect their rights legally, we as adults need to explore every possible avenue to do it for them.”

Summer of Missed Opportunities

The specific cases that give rise to this year’s “Summer of Missed Opportunities” include the case of Lily Burk (the 17-year-old slashed ear to ear by a third-striker who was not prosecuted due to a “clerical error”).

The Predator’s Partner: Nancy Garrido

“…I don’t know if this qualifies as a love story, but let me take you to the beginning of their romance.”

Mo’Nique’s Unique Eloquence

I hope the fictional story of Precious, and the real-life experiences of Mo’Nique, will inspire those suffering under the horror of abuse to seek help.

Point, Click, Stalk

Imagine you are at the gym or the grocery store and a creep sidles up and manages to take a picture of you with his cell phone.

New Law Jails Paparazzi — Now What?

The new law will play a significant role in identifying and enforcing criminal misconduct by the paparazzi.

Lessons From Lohan and Gibson?

The lessons from LiLo and Mel: Don’t drink and drive and don’t beat up on your wife.

We Have A Lot To Do Lou

Lou, where ever you are, we hear you and we WILL keep fighting!

Baby Vaughn Court Battle

Why do some states care about the best interest of children and others do not?

The Battle For Baby Vanessa

What better way to continue the cycle of violence against the bio mom than to torture her with the decision she made without his permission.

Do Girls Matter? Sexism and Sexual Abuse

We also cannot forget that according to statistics girls get molested two to three times more often then boys.

Baby Vaughn: Failed Adoptions and False Choices

A woman should have a valid alternative to either aborting her baby or being forced to raise a child she does not want.

Should Teens Be Charged as Adults?

The 81-year-old was on his way back to his hotel from the reception when two 16-year-old boys and one 13-year-old boy randomly attacked him.

Take Charge of Your Home Court

The bottom line is that families are not democracies; parents are the leaders, and kids are the followers.

How Casey Anthony Dodged the Death Penalty

Could a jury or Anthony’s peers be decide to end her life? Attorney Robin Sax, a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, doesn’t think so.

Can Teen Texting Put YOU Behind Bars?

Are we legally responsible for what our kids do on phones WE bought them and computers WE pay for? A leading bullying expert and attorney weigh in.

Are Your Affairs In Order?

What are the four things every mother should have? Attorney Robin Sax answers that in light of the Natasha Richardson tragedy.

Dad’s Marriage a Legal Tactic?

Can getting married prevent a couple from testifying against each other court? Robin examines some of the issue from a recent case.

Florida Seeks Death Penalty – Casey Anthony

The reversal of the prosecution’s position was probably not triggered by new evidence, says Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney.

Is Haleigh Cummings’ Dad an Unfit Parent?

Robin say it’s not always about who is the better parent – sometimes it comes down to who cared enough to show up to court.

Who Should Have Custody of Jackson’s Kids

“It can be easily argued,” says Sax, “that he didn’t make the decision in ‘sound mind and body.'”

Missing Children and the Power of Media

‘…for better or worse, the media is a powerful tool and a wonderful resource when dealing with protecting kids, finding perpetrators, and enlisting public support.’

Is Casey’s Lack of Remorse a Syndrome?

According to Sax, phrases like “battered-wife syndrome,” the quasi defense that explains why a woman might resort to murder, are basically made up.

Abducted Teen Called Parents Twice

“We don’t know if he was dialing the phone, holding the phone, if he had a knife — we don’t know those things,” explains Sax.

Human Trafficking DOES Exist

‘The Shaniya Davis case is so tragic. But what I am pleased about is how quickly the prosecutors have charged the mom, at least with human trafficking.’

Would You Help a Relative Get Away with Murder?

Relatives of criminals offer various levels of help, says Robin Sax, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney.

Missing Morgan: The Family’s Pain

Morgan Harrington was a 20-year-old Virginia Tech education major who wanted to be a teacher… Morgan’s remains were found in a field last week.

Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?

What’s most shocking to those following the (Rihanna) case is that the 20-year-old Brown will serve no jail time.

Jim Moret Over James Ray Any Day

…just as I am about to post my review of Jim Moret’s new book — self-help speaker/author James Arthur Ray was arrested in Arizona on manslaughter charges.

Chelsea King Tragedy: Another Wasted Opportunity

A violent sex offender only served five years in prison? How is it that such a plea-bargain passed legal and judicial muster?

Stepmothers Have No Rights!

If things turn ugly between Sandra and Jesse, and he says he doesn’t want Sandra to see the kids, then she won’t be seeing the kids…

Survivor Producer’s Wife Another Sad Statistic

“…if the police have done their homework… why do they appear to be dropping the ball now by allowing Bruce Beresford-Redman to be out of custody?”

Parents of ‘Survivor’ Murder Suspect Want Custody of Kids

“I am most disgusted that they could not even identify the names of the maternal grandparents on their court-certified declaration.”

Larry King’s Mistress to Sue for ‘Breach of Promise’?

This sounds like a scorned woman who is throwing spaghetti in the air to see if anything will stick.

Wives Who Sue Mistresses: Is This OK?

These types of suits are called ‘alienation of affection.’ While most laws have abolished them, seven states still have the law on the books…

Top Four Ways Criminals Use and Abuse the Internet

…American children are easy targets, and they carry less risk for buyers because they don’t need to be imported.

Why I Feel Horrified for Kyron Horman’s Stepmom

…despite my sympathy, I can’t help but wonder why the family didn’t come out and address the public sooner.

Brian McDaddy — Again?

McKnight has been ordered to hand over a whopping $341,640 to a Florida woman who says the singer is the father of her teenage son.

Adoption Deception: Toddler Left in Legal Limbo

“While he may be asserting his parental rights, is he really acting in the child’s best interest? Or is he taking advantage…”

Eight Reasons Kyron Horman’s Stepmom Might Be Guilty

At this point in the investigation, I think suspicions about stepmom Terri Horman are more than warranted.

Why Did Kyron Horman’s Dad Get a Restraining Order Against Wife?

…there were two 911 calls made from the Horman home this past Saturday evening.

Prop 8 Ruling – for the Better!

…how in the world does discriminating against a specific group make anyone’s marriage stronger?!’

Did Terri Moulton Horman Hire Hitman to Kill Husband?

…new info, coupled with last week’s restraining order, has proven fatal for Terri in the court of public opinion.

The Battle for Vanessa: A Mom’s Custody Crusade

“You can tell a lot more from someone’s actions than from their lawyer’s words.”

Jenner and Fishburne Redefining ‘Success’ in Entertainment

Both Kim and Paris used sex tapes to send themselves into stardom. So that’s an acceptable “outlet” now …?

Now You See It… The Eyewitness Controversy

We all know that the truth is, juries love witnesses.

Casey, Michael and Nancy

It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, doesn’t it? I wish I could say it was.

Rushing to Judgment from Coast to Coast

If you don’t think these news stories affect all the other run-of-the-mill cases in courtrooms each and every day, think again.

Before There Was “To Catch a Predator”…

R. Stephanie Good, a highly trained lawyer, house-mom and accomplished author, was compelled to take action.

CLINTON v. OBAMA and McCAIN, TOO… Where Do They Stand On Crime?

Who knew that the primaries could be so exciting? It’s no wonder that the talking heads are talking their heads off.

Why Does a Child Molester Get to Benefit from the System He Disgraced?

…this case is heinous on so many more levels that even the truest believers out there should be motivated to see that certain laws need amending—fast!

A Double Life, A Single Mission: A True Believing Prosecutor

My kids know that they can’t pull any of the usual tricks when it comes to their Mom. Why?

If I Were Judge, Jury, and Lawmaker, Too…

“How can you prosecute sex crimes without getting ill, jaded or miserable?”

What Happened to Stealing the Old-fashioned Way? A Look At Identity Theft

Technology and modern electronics have forced even the most crotchety people to log on, tune in, and get wired.

Prosecutors Control The Courtroom; Parents Control the Home

While each member of the family plays a part in the makeup of the family unit, the “law” within the home must be determined by the parents.

How Can I Talk to My Children About Molesters?

“What should I say to my kids about keeping their bodies safe—without scaring them to death?”

Women Behaving Deadly

Forensic psychologist Dr. Morris provides a framework to understand dangerous women and helps us understand how society should deal with them.

Confessions of a Fashion DA

If I could think of my dream job, I’d be a stylist, a personal shopper, a fashion policewoman.

Economy and Crime Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

So in order to really evaluate the nominees on crime, you need to take a peek at their stances on the economy.

Introducing CeeCee Gallagher . . . A Detective You Must Meet

…as a prosecutor there are very few mysteries that really knock my socks off.

Desperate Times Lead To Desperate Measures …

The money’s just about gone, and people have lost their homes, their jobs, and their life savings. And then there are those who have lost their minds.

Google This

We live in a brave new world of research. The World Wide Web has changed the landscape for information-gathering for everyone, from writers to lawyers to criminals.

The Year In Review 2008

I’d like to examine the crime stories that represent justice, truth, and closure for the many lives that were affected by crime.

When Stalking Goes Hi-Tech

Tech-savvy criminals can turn our favorite timesavers into tools to stalk, harass, and harm us.

Prioritize = Legalize

Why are the authorities making an example of Michael Phelps? Why are we using tax dollars to prosecute and incarcerate weed smokers?

A Plea to Casey Marie Anthony

How can a young mother to a beautiful child seemingly murder that child?

Drew Peterson: A View From Two Perspectives

In order to understand what a big nothing relying on circumstantial evidence is, you must attend my short class on evidence. So, welcome, here we go.

Day to Honor, Memorialize, and Empower

This day is a reminder to the nation to renew efforts to reunite missing children with their families and to make child protection a national priority.

A Sign of the Times….”Sexting”

If a 16-year-old girl willingly sends a naked picture of herself to her same aged boyfriend, are we shocked? It seems relatively harmless, right?

Calling All of Michael Jackson’s Creditors

…do those creditors lose the ability to pursue their claims as a result of Michael’s death?.

What is Human Trafficking Anyway?

Upon hearing those words, many people assume that is not a crime that happens here in our country.

Ohio Honors One of Their Own- Stacy Dittrich

Women in Crime Ink’s Stacy Dittrich is a wonder: a beautiful blond, intelligent woman, and a tough cookie.

It Never Ends: The Trauma of Sexual Assault

Is it hard to believe that a victim of sexual assault still feels vulnerable 22 years later, at the age of 82? I don’t think so at all.

A Murderer Among Them: Random Act or Was Raymond Clark a Ticking Time Bomb?

While many call this a case of work place violence, we must not separate a defendant’s past from the crime he’s charged with.

October: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This is actually the sixth year the Department of Homeland Security has marked Cybersecurity Awareness.

Funny, Freaky, Freeing, or Just Plain Irresponsible?

The “Playboy” pictures feature Marge sitting naked on a bunny chair, wearing nothing but her signature blue hairdo.

Shaniya Davis: A Case of Domestic Human Trafficking

To put it bluntly: We need to get the word out that human trafficking for sex is a problem not just in Thailand or Cambodia, but right here at home.

Beyond Inhuman: The Gang Rape Phenomenon

How could such a horrific gang rape go on for two hours, in front of a small crowd, without anyone calling for help?

Missing Morgan: The Family’s Pain

In cases of murdered children, there will be a range of emotions affecting the family: feelings of helplessness, guilt, grief, listlessness, anger, rage, horror, pain (both physical and emotional), and more.

Cherish Lewis Should Go Free

You might think that this is a one-in-a million case, where a judge grants an abusive parent custody. But you would be wrong.

Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community

In the Jewish community, especially in the ultra-Orthodox world, there has always been a general fear of airing dirty laundry.

The Value of Advocacy and Journalism

Why do some cases draw media attention and others fall by the wayside?

System Failures – Part One

Regardless of where you fall on the question of whether an adoptive mom should trump a biological parent – how about considering the best interest of the child?

System Failures – Part Two

Self-confessed former mafia hit-man James “Jimmy” Hughes walked out of the Riverside Superior Court in Indio, CA, a free man.

Celebrity Justice?

The New York Daily News has provided its findings as proof that celebs do the crime — they just don’t do the time.

Can New Instructions for New Times Change Old Habits?

…the technology that makes it so darn easy to violate jury instructions has forced jurisdictions to update rules.

Mitrice Richardson’s relationship to Mel Gibson

Is there any relationship between the death of Mitrice Richardson and Mel Gibson’s rage-a-holic issues?

Human Trafficking on the World Wide Web

Web sites like,, and have supplied the necessary victims.

A Dysfunctional, Broken System: California Department of Corrections Parole Operation

Why are these parolees not being properly supervised and monitored by parole agents?

My Top 8 Stories of 2010

From Casey Anthony to Lindsay Lohan, Robin gives a year-end recap of all the top stories in her year end review.

Denial In Naples: The Case of Steven Noyes

Not everyone who comes in contact with a child molester will be abused. In truth, sex offenders tend to carefully pick and set up their victims.

Should Teens Be Charged as Adults?

Prosecuting children as adults is a touchy subject, especially from the perspective of one who advocates on behalf of children.

Medical Marijuana: The Voters Have Spoken

Why do people have so much trouble with therapeutic cannabis?

Did the Justice System Fail Chelsea King?

“…most sex offenders are family members and not strangers, and most don’t kill their victims.”

Michael Jackson Death Probe: Homicide?

“L.A. doesn’t want another celebrity trial that they’ll lose,” says former L.A. County prosecutor Robin Sax.

Doctor’s Paper Trail Could Aid Jackson Investigation

…as many as 10 to 20 doctors might ultimately be charged or indicted in connection with the investigation, predicted former Los Angeles prosecutor Robin Sax.

Authorities Facing Tough Challenges in Michael Jackson Case

“The one thing L.A. wants to do is to let the media die down on it,” Sax tells PEOPLE.

Grayson Vaughn: A Case of Child’s Best Interest Gone Wrong

The day after his third birthday celebration… little Grayson Vaughn was ripped away from his family by court order.

The Cycle of Abuse Being Perpetuated Through the Baby Vanessa Case

So, now we have a peek into the biological dad who I would like to refer to as simply, “sperm donor.”

Kid Safety: What Lurks Online?

Kids have many of the keys to their own safety and they simply need smart adults who recognize that and embrace it to get the results.

Kid Safety: What Lurks Online?

Kids have many of the keys to their own safety and they simply need smart adults who recognize that and embrace it to get the results.

Sexting: Just “Kid Stuff” or Child Porn

What do you call someone at the maximum level of risk-taking behavior, but due to age, has the least ability to be rational (and thus can’t recognize the consequences of their actions)?

What is the Point of a Sex Offender Registry?

How could Phillip Garrido – clearly a dangerously deranged individual – have “slipped” below the radar of the officials who clearly knew about him?

What To Do If You’re Carjacked

Do everything within your power to avoid getting into the car with him, because once you do, experts say that your chances of survival plummet.

Stranger DANGER

The recent car abduction and murder of a young woman left L.A. in shock. How can you protect yourself?

Monster Mom Out of Control

Shocking photos Casey Anthony tried to ban may seal her fate. Robin comments on newly released photos.

All-American Monster

Craig’s List Killer – “This case reeks of a sexual predator who uses control and violence to get what he wants,” Sax tells Globe.

How To Protect Yourself At Work

Sign up for Skype. If you often work in the office alone at night, go to now and download the free software, then ask your friends and family to do the same…

Chilling Photos Will Seal Cruel Killer’s Fate

Sax tells GLOBE the grisly images – including spine-chilling close-ups of 21-year-old Stephany’s fractured skull and other horrific injuries – “are graphic proof of Joran’s unbridled violence.”


‘Safe’ Websites Aren’t Necessarily Safe

Chat tools are embedded in these “safe” sites, and can teach potentially dangerous lessons…

Defend Your Child

‘Working with the Legal System — Just when you thought a learning disability diagnosis for your child was difficult enough….’


Play It Safe

Nearly 70 percent of all reported sexual assaults occur to children ages 17 and under.


Kids’ Online Safety Is In Their Hands – And Yours

Craigslist has become a virtual ‘stop-and-shop’ for predators.


Is ‘Sugar Daddying’ Prostitution, or Just Extreme Gifting?

“The really rich and successful Hollywood men can basically get anything they want.”


Lilo Dodges the Lockup Again

“This is not a technicality; this is sloppy judicial and legal work,” said Sax.


Lindsay Lohan to Have Good Friday Court Appearance on Necklace Theft Charge

Commenting on Lohan’s case, former prosecutor Robin Sax told “Good Morning America” that the best defense was “a strategy of delay.”


Chelsea King-Amber Dubois Plea Deal for Killer John Gardner is Justice Served

In the Gardner case the police did their job, the prosecution did theirs, and thankfully the defendant did his as well. .

abcnews1a1b (1)

Was Charlie Sheen’s Sentence Too Lenient?

‘…the emphasis of Sheen’s day in court was on celebrity and not necessarily justice.’


Former ‘Survivor’ Producer Bruce Beresford-Redman Admitted Affair in E-Mails

“…the e-mails suggest less that Bruce Beresford-Redman could have “snapped” but that “there is evidence that this could be completely planned.”


How are Michael Jackson’s kids holding up?

Dr. Murray’s defense team isn’t backing down, and neither are prosecutors. This is going to come down to a battle of the experts.

nbcpeacock1 (1)

Courtney Love Assembles a Twitter Army

Robin comments – “…why wouldn’t she go to a forum that people respond to the most?”

crimesider1 (2)

Casey Anthony: Letters Could Be Her Demise

The release of the letters not only gives us a sneak peak into her mind, but also begins to set the stage for the drama that will unfold… .

abcnews1a1b (1)

Celebrity Justice Costs Big Time

Robin notes – “Just in this last year we have had Conrad Murray with Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, we have Lindsay Lohan, we have Charlie Sheen. These cases are keeping us busy.”


Amber Dubois’ Parents Want Answers

“Have you ever seen a situation, in your experience, where an abducted family members have not known anything about the status of the case or the investigation whatsoever?”


Reuters Decides It’s OK to Distribute Revealing Shot of Miley Cyrus

Reuters was “blurring the lines between what is porn and what is not.

crimesider1 (1)

How to Stop a Sex Offender? Chelsea King Murder Should Never Have Happened

This is not a case of bad laws, no victim, no resources, no past history, and no psychological analysis. .


Teen Targeted: What Lily Can Teach You

Parents and kids need to have a code word that can fit into conversations naturally, but be an indicator that something is wrong, signaling an emergency.

abcnews1a1b (1)

Producer got life insurance before wife died

Robin notes – “It’s looking like a slam dunk from the view of the prosecutor.”


What’s Taking So Long with the Michael Jackson Investigation?

“It’s not like prosecutors think there’s a propofol murderer out there,” says Robin Sax, former Los Angeles prosecutor, saying he’s not a flight risk.


Paris Hilton Looking at Hard Time if Convicted of Cocaine Possession

…if convicted, Paris will be given probation which could involve substance abuse class and treatment.


Documentary focuses on child exploitation

“Whenever sex is being performed on a child, that’s trafficking. The Internet has made this huge. People can profile exactly what they are looking for.”

nbcpeacock1 (1)

Frances Bean Cobain Comes of Age

Frances drew a lot of publicity two years ago when she threw a suicide-themed Sweet 16 birthday party at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.


Terri Horman Appears in Court; Family Fears Son Infected by Used Condom

Transcript of HLN’s “Issues” with Jane Velez-Mitchell .


Age of Consent in California

Robin Sax gives legal thought on age of consent in California – question is raised in article on Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston. Cyrus is 15 while Gaston is reported to be 20.

abcnews1a1b (1)

Claims by O.C. billionaire’s kids rejected

Former prosecutor Robin Sax said the question of greed will come into play.


Inside the Hollywood Drug Scene: How Celebrities Get Their Fix

Apparently Lindsay told her friends to ‘come over with the drugs or don’t come at all.’

Lindsay Lohan’s Appetite For Destruction

Says Robin, ‘My guess is that we will see something more substantial in terms of jail time…’

nbcpeacock1 (1)

Mother Harassed for Breastfeeding in OC Store

A Southern California mother is outraged she was asked to stop breastfeeding her baby in public.


Lindsay Lohan Could Be Back in Jail This Week

Says Robin, ‘…she may very well have to start serving out her sentence immediately after Friday’s hearing.’


Lindsay Lohan Said to Be in Rehab, Yet Again

The actress is said to have voluntarily checked herself in for treatment.

nbcpeacock1 (1)

Shake-Up for Grigorieva’s Legal Team

NBCLA has learned that communication between Oskana’s team of lawyers became ugly.

abcnews1a1b (1)

Randy Quaid, Wife Seek Asylum in Canada, Saying They Fear for Their Lives

“Their behavior keeps raising the odds … that the court would consider jail.”

abcnews1a1b (1)

Ronni Chasen Murder: Doubts Raised About ‘Harold’

“Harold,” who neighbors say bragged about killing Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, shot himself fatally.


Willie Nelson Will Likely Go to Jail for Pot Bust, Expert Says

Sax said that Nelson’s history of arrests is likely to work against him in the eyes of the law.

abcnews1a1b (1)

Video could hold clues to Chasen murder

Chasen, 64, was killed on Nov. 16 as she was driving in her Mercedes-Benz through Beverly Hills.


Many Skeptical That Ronni Chasen Murder Was ‘Robbery Gone Wrong’

Sax said ‘I am not convinced that it wasn’t a calculated hit.’

abcnews1a1b (1)

Hunt for Hollywood Publicist’s Killer: Starting From Scratch

‘Our biggest clue is to look in the will. Who was left out?’

abcnews1a1b (1)

Town Car driver sought in Chasen killing

That Town Car is a potential witness that could actually provide some very important clues.


Police: Suicide Weapon Same Used on Ronni Chasen

Robin Sax notes ‘…there are still a lot more questions than answers in this case.’



Feds Start Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Prosecutors said they are working with the Internal Revenue Service to seize bank accounts with rent money from medical marijuana stores.


Dr. Drew – is Casey Anthony a Serial Killer Such as the One Known as the “Happy Face Killer”?

Dr. Drew and experts asked her what it’s like to find out that someone you love has done awful and evil things.


Jersey City prostitute still missing after 13 months of searching

Whether it’s the sheer mystery or the horrifying details of Gilbert’s last known moments, her case has galvanized public interest.


Stop the Torture!

The International Human Trafficking Task Force (IHTTF) wants to combat human trafficking & support existing government efforts across global jurisdictions. We hope to increase the number of investigations, rescued victims and prosecutions of human traffickers.


…Teacher Beltran Pleads Guilty

Beltran entered the guilty plea to 10 counts involving nine female victims as charged.


How to Predator Proof Your Child

“Empowering, not scaring, children is what allows them to handle the situation, while fear tends to make them freeze and may actually disable them if they need to act in an emergency.”


Robin Sax offers her take on the courtroom in an article on the ‘Gay Panic’ defense and notes various instances of this tactic being used by defense attorneys to sway jury decisions.


Child Sexual Assault Prosecution

“Child Sexual Assault Prosecution: What I Know As A Prosecutor and What I Would Change”


Robin Sax featured in article discussing the dangers of criminal liability with IT firms in a new age of data sharing. Notes on reaches of security, privacy and other important aspects related to the law and involved in deciding liability. (not linked)

mercurylogo2a (1)

Ensure safety on Missing Children’s Day

If abuse is suspected, Sax said it’s important for parents to let law enforcement take over. Evidence can be tainted and prosecutions derailed if parents confront suspected abusers or conduct their own investigations.


How can we teach our kids about personal safety without scaring them?

“The key to keeping such talks from being scary is for parents to assume that body/personal safety discussions are not scary.”


Predator-proofing is a little trickier than babyproofing

“… do not use fear or scare tactics to educate children on personal safety. This can often backfire because it goes against the objective to empower them.”


Straight-Talk Parenting

Parents should see the Web as a tool rather than a threat: “There’s no better way to communicate than learning their language.”


Tips offered to keep children safe from abusers, abductors

‘When children learn core safety values at a young age, it can then be adapted as they grow to take on new scenarios involving such things as the Internet.’ (not linked)


Tips offered to keep children safe from abusers, abductors

‘Fear is a paralyzing element. It doesn’t help anybody learn anything. Instead, use “teachable moments,” everyday incidents children experience that emphasize safety.


This Week In Hollywoodland

“I will be very shocked if Mel Gibson is not charged for the domestic abuse.”


Article: 5 Steps to Arming your Child with Street Smarts

‘A 2-year old can sing 26 letters in a row, so she can probably master ten digits.’


Female teacher charged for having sex with teenager

Rousseau allegedly picked up the boy in her car and took him across country lines to have sex. Rousseau, 33, is married with two children.


Review: Predators and Child Molesters

‘Parents must view protecting children from the potential of sexual assault as a priority. Teaching children preventive measures should be viewed as important as teaching kids how to dial 9-1-1.’


Mansfield News Journal

‘Veteran Hollywood producer Peter Bergman flew the ‘Justice Interrupted’ trio to New York to film a demo for a television show based on the concept behind their radio series.’


Polanski would face tougher prosecution today

“He should be shutting up and thanking goodness for his sentence…”


Sentencing Law and Policy

‘Disappointingly, though, common-ground insights often get lost in broader panics over sex offenders.’


Robin Honored in 2010 Calendar

…as one of the outstanding women who have made a difference for women in politics.

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Are The Children Safe Yet?

One year after a veteran Santa Monica schoolteacher was arrested on sexual molestation charges, what has the School District done to enhance child safety?


Pets and Women’s Shelters

Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS)® Program Spotlighted in New Book ‘Reaching the Bar’


The Courts and Child Predators

The best thing that could be done to deter offenders is to raise the awareness in victims.


A Protective Dream

LA County DA, Robin Sax, wanted to empower parents to protect their children so she drew on her experience as a sex-crimes prosecutor.


Meeting Jury Expectations

Juries now tend to expect DNA evidence, whether or not there is DNA. Thanks to shows like CSI, jurors expect that crime scene analysts go out and “light up” crime scenes in order to find evidence of wrongdoing.


Does Gotti Trial Herald the End of the US Mafia?

“They could walk the line,” said Robin Sax, a district attorney and expert on organized crime. But it was an impossible balancing act, and eventually the…”


Robin comments on new law, SB 640, authored by State Sen. Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto), which closes a loophole in the law that prevents victims of childhood sexual abuse from seeking justice later in life.


When is it OK for a child to walk to school alone?

“The paranoia and concerns about a child’s safety should be balanced with the opportunity to give a child a feeling of independence,” offers Robin Sax. (note: not linked)


Robin Sax featured in National Law Journal lead story – speaking on lie detector technologies.


Michael Jackson Investigators Taking Cues From Anna Nicole Smith Case?

“It’s not like prosecutors think there’s a propofol murderer out there,” says Robin Sax, former Los Angeles prosecutor, saying he’s not a flight risk.


Calif told to reject claim by parents of dead teen

John Gardner III violated his parole at least five times after serving a sentence for molesting a girl in 2000.


Who’s To Blame For Bill O’Reilly Hack?

The break-in to the Web site of Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly has gotten far less coverage than the so-called “hack” of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s e-mail account, but the story behind it is much more interesting.


Advocating for the most vulnerable

Those who are never adopted are often abandoned by the state at 18 and end up undereducated, unemployed, impoverished and homeless.


Reward Offered in 2007 Drowning

A $5,000.00 reward is being offered for the information leading to an arrest and conviction in the February 2007 death of 21 year-old Joshua Whittier.


A Killer In Our Midst?

“Offenders like Gardner… seek to balance their feelings of lack of power by asserting power, or control, over people who are much weaker and unable to defend themselves.”


This Week In Hollywoodland

I think this is a terrible excuse for justice. It’s really unfortunate that Switzerland tried to get into the merits of the case.

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Interview With Robin Sax

The best way to prevent a crime against yourself, your child or loved ones is to learn the best practices in safety.


Amber’s parents told few details

“…while I totally appreciate and want…a perfectly solid investigation to maximize prosecution, there are rights that the victims have in terms of status of the case.”


Octopus Murders’ case dropped

Begley notes: “It’s not the end, definitely not the end – we have a legal strategy.” Frustrated with prosecutors’ handling of the case, Begley hired her own attorney, Robin Sax.


Calif told to reject claim by parents of dead teen

John Gardner III violated his parole at least five times after serving a sentence for molesting a girl in 2000.


Robin Featured: Hollywood 411 Short Films

One Year Later – Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, on trial.


Celebrity Trials Put Strain on Court Resources

Approximately 20% of the regular judge’s court hearings will likely be rescheduled on a celebrity appearance date.


Oksana to Mel — It’s PR War!

TMZ has learned Oksana has retained Robin Sax, a former L.A. County Deputy District Attorney.


In Polanski’s Case, Time Is On Nobody’s Side

“…here you have rape of an intoxicated person, sodomy of an intoxicated person, oral copulation of an intoxicated person. This isn’t like one random, out-of-the-blue act that could have been misinterpreted.”


Off-the-rails starlet Lindsay Lohan facing more jail time

Lindsay lives in this fantasy land, where she thinks, ‘A line of coke won’t show up in my system’.


Actor Quaid and his wife say they fear for their lives, seek asylum in Canada

Former prosecutor Robin Sax told “Good Morning America” Tuesday that the couple thinks they can get away with the crime they committed.


How Mel Is Winning the Media War

Sax told The Daily Beast that she was “sought out” by Grigorieva and spent two weeks counseling her.

canyonnews1a1a (2)

Tireless Crusader Robin Sax, An Exclusive

Robin offers our readers her honest and frank advice on how to teach your children not to become and continue being a victim.

sosdlogo1 (1)

State rejects claim by Chelsea King’s family

We have not made final decisions yet, Moe Dubois’ attorney, Robin Sax, said in an e-mail message regarding legal action.


Crime Experts No Longer Sure That Ronni Chasen Murder Was Random

“…this person knew what they were doing and it was hardly random.”

canyonnews1a1a (2)

Charlie Sheen Files Lawsuit Against WB’s

“He has enough money and the desire to keep fighting and I expect it all to be drawn out for years to come.”


Daughter of murder victim wants DA disciplined

Begley said the prosecutor tried to prevent her from speaking to the judge…

canyonnews1a1a (1)

Charlie Sheen’s Home Raided By LAPD

Sax tells Canyon News, “If anyone believes a person who has this type of restraining order against them is in violation of that order, they should contact police.


A Brighter Future: Ending Child Abuse Through Advocacy and Education

If we direct our efforts to education and prevention of child maltreatment, then we can effectively eliminate many of these later developing problems.


Lindsay Lohan This Is No Way To Dress To Go To Court — So Inappropriate!

“Every time you’re in front of a court, you are selling your case,” explains Robin.


Teacher Accused of Molesting Student: Cover Up

The police investigated the case, but when the teacher in question didn’t cooperate, they dropped the ball.


Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Naples Teacher, School

…the lawsuit alleges Noyes put his hand up her dress while she was asking him for help with her math problems.


Long Island Ripper case slow moving for good reasons, say police

Thus far, ten bodies have been found in this affluent Long Island community..


Naples couple accuse teacher of molesting their daughter

The girl’s mother said that they were sad that they had to do this and encouraged others to come forward if their child may have been molested.


Parents Claim Student Sexually Abused By Teacher

Principal Ginger Sauter told them three times their daughter was no longer allowed to attend the school “given the nature of the allegations she made against Noyes.”

canyonnews1a1a (1)

Famed Legal Icons In The Hills

I caught up with two of our region’s most famed and distinguished attorneys to talk about three of the biggest cases currently in the national media.


Ex-IMF chief may use tried, tricky consent defense

In general, consent is legally defined as positively cooperating in and understanding the act in question, said Robin Sax.


Dr. Drew takes a closer look at Krystal Holloway’s upcoming testimony

‘If you’re the prosecutor, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree and so he’s one other scumbag in the family of scumbags.’



Robin’s Helpful Tips Find Big Response Across Internet

A multitude of prominent news sources features Robin Sax and child safety concepts. Click individual icons to see their take on the story and Robin’s commentary. These are just a few of the many which featured the story across the globe.

netscapeabcnews1a1b (1)




Robin quoted on the case…

“Nothing gets better with age from the perspective of the prosecution,” said Robin Sax, a former deputy district attorney in Los Angeles who prosecuted sex crimes.

“Time only weakens prosecutions.”